What We Do

If you would like to help, all you have to do is let us place a clothes container on your property. These containers are three feet by four feet and eighty one inches high. They will have the name of our foundation and contact information on how to call us at any time. The containers will be well maintained and clothes shall be picked up once a week. It would be great if we get calls saying we need to be there more often.

Clothes will be redistributed to local thrift stores and textile outlets. We do everything we can to make sure that the donations we receive in our containers will not be sold as rags. Hopefully our containers will help with exposure to your company and the good will of allowing us to place them on your property helps show your generosity to present and future clients. We will have an outlet for clothing, shoes, books and toys, so we would appreciate any efforts from you and your organization to let any one you know what we do.

Again thank you in advance for helping The Erika Lynn Foundation.

May all our children benefit with the help of business owners like you.