Our Mission

Our mission for THE ERIKA LYNN FOUNDATION is to help financially any institution that reaches out for children with mental or physical handicaps. We will collect clothes, shoes, toys and books from the public and private sectors and redistribute them to local thrift stores and textile outlets. We then donate a percentage of what we earn to charities for children with Autism, Asperger Syndrome, Children's cancer or any other child disease organization that needs our help.

"our story will inspire and give hope"

Our passion to help these children comes from the heart. We experienced first hand what is like to have a special needs child and the Erika Lynn Foundation wants to be there for any financial or emotional help many families out there may need. We believe that our story will inspire and give hope to the parents and families that are not sure what the future will bring. When you read Erika's Bio and get a chance to hear from the rest of her family and friends you to will see that miracles do come true. So please join us in this worthy cause of helping these children.

Thank you in advance.

The Erika Lynn Foundation.


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