When our little girl was 2 1/2 years old she was dignosed with Autism and our lives have never been the same. The Erika Dixon Foundation was formed by me and my family to help the Children and the families of these kids that suffer from this life time disorder. Our foundation will also donate and assist with fundraising for any charity that helps children. Examples Cancer, Junior Diabetes, Kidney Disease, ect. Our company is set up to place clothing and shoe donation bins any where in NJ or NC and we also have an outlet for toys and books. We collect the items, and they are redistributed to local thrift stores and textile outlets. There is nothing the charity has to do other than accept our donations. We will also set up fundraising events with charities such as Golf outings, 5k races, Aerobic Days with affiliated health clubs, or something else the charity has in mind. One of our goals is to get Erika's story out to other parents that think there is no answer or hope. There is hope and we can help with emotional support and giving of ourselves and donations.

~ Mike Dixon, Co-Founder, Erika Lynn Foundation


Please check back soon to see how you can donate to the Erika Lynn Foundation.